Andrei Chikatilo Interactionist Theory

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Interactionist Andrei Chikatilo worked alone through out all his killings. He did not share his plans with anyone neither, before or after he committed them. There was no clear person who inspired his actions beside his own discoveries he made about how to satisfy himself. As the interactionalist theory believes failure of self direction and insufficient social roles are the main causes of criminal behaviour, which are highly accurate regarding Andrei Chikatilo, still, he wants power over others more then acceptance in society, as he already has it (class notes). He is prepared to do this alone, as he wants the complete satisfaction for his own extremely personal and private gains, not for the acknowledgment of others. Biological Chikatilo’s hydrocephalus was one of the main contributor and purpose behind his killing and torturing others as it was the only thing that brought him sexual satisfaction, which he was deprived of biologically (Who is Andrei Chikatilo par 3). These genital problems, permanently weakened his self esteem and image. Without the inability to perform such actions,…show more content…
What he expected as a teacher was to be respected and powerful. However, he was ridiculed by his own students that did neither, while evening referring to him as the ‘Goose’ which represents a jerk and mocked his physical appearance (Andrei Chikatilo's Childhood par 4). Further jealously of his student’s sexual and love lives, irritated Chikatilo to react in a physically abusive way towards his pupils to express his control over them. Nevertheless, he was able to find jobs at other schools, continuing his abuse as no concrete punishment was ever given (Serial Killer A-Z: Andrei Chikatilo par 2). Chikatilo is not alone in abusing authoritative power on people who depend on him as this is a problem in every society. However, methods to punish and solve these criminal behaviours were not being used in Chikatilo’s
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