Sociological Analysis Of Family Experience

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Sociological Analysis of Family Experience A loose definition of a family structure would be “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household”, but family can mean so much more to us. I know that to me, family means is of the utmost importance and they are the people who helped raise me and the individuals who helped shape who I am today. Everyone views family differently and being an Arab American, I certainly see all the different aspects of how both Arabs and other races contrast their meanings of family. When I was younger, I knew that people who shared some semblance of blood with me were considered to be my family and therefore should be treated as with respect and amicably. As I got older, especially after…show more content…
The problem with our society is the fact that everything is intertwined with another thing. In my case/ viewpoint, my education will define my social standing and economic status in the future. Because I never lived in Dearborn I never had the opportunity to get a quality education at a decent and recognized public school, I had to settle for a charter school, which was considered a high poverty school. This defining aspect of my school eventually played a major part of where I went post-high school. When I was applying for colleges, I applied for all the colleges in the area and to the University of Michigan, both Ann Arbor and Dearborn. While I got deferred and waitlists for Ann Arbor, I had gotten into the Dearborn location. While waiting on my waitlist to be lifted, I spoke to my counselor about my options and she informed me that there was no point of holding out and hoping to get admitted to Ann Arbor because they only choose three students from our school and they’ve already been chosen. Once I realized there was literally no way of me getting into a top-tier university, I once again had to settle for something less and choose Wayne State. Of course, now I’m proud of my choice and know that the name of the school you go to doesn’t have to mean…show more content…
Even though we already know that race and ethnicity is a social construct, it is the way people self-identify as a social product of how others in society view them (Cohen, pg.75). Of course within a family race does not matter but from the outside looking in, race can affect the way a family can thrive and even affect the way their future can turn out. Cohen also states that poverty is concentrated by race and ethnicity (pg. 136). One example would be the difference between a white family and a black family. Now say that both these families have roots in America but while the white family has been living a wealthy life because the advantages their ancestors have had, the black family is suffering for the same reason. Black families may have been living in the country longer than the average white family but because of skin color, they suffered for it rather than flourishing. If we think about it like a race, we would see that the white family got a major head start and the black family has had so many hurdles that they had to overcome. These all lead back to wealth and socioeconomic status. Whereas white families have had advantageous circumstances, blacks have floundered to get ahead because of the race dynamic in America. In my case, I am an Arab American and I consider myself to be so but according to the US Census, I’m

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