Sociological Analysis Of The Movie 'Mean Girls'

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because of a situation about a burn book, and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is words of manipulation towards the principle saying” I don’t think my father, the inventor of toaster strudel, would be too happy to hear about this.” Gretchen believes that she is in a higher class than other people and that with her parent’s wealth and fame she could get herself out of trouble no matter what she does. The conflict theory states that there is always tension between groups of people because there is one group wanting to run and rule over the other. In Mean Girls, we see this happen with the Plastics, which we could compare to the bourgeoisie during Karl Marx 's time. The movie explains perfectly what some people in a higher class compared to a lower class believes that everything revolves around them and the other students that are considered lower class needs to obey their every single command. Instead of using wealth to get out of trouble, another teenage “Plastic girl, Regina uses her property as her power. Regina has tons of nice things like a big house, nicest and priciest car etc., but she has the notion that by showing off her stuff, it gives her power over everyone. When Cady is tired of what the popular girls are doing, she begins to go after them and go against them to try to ruin them.…show more content…
To conclude my sociological analyzation of the movie Mean girls, conflict theory helped me describe why certain events happened and give me a better example of how it is very common in our society today. As we seen in the movie, people will always be characterized or put into a category of a certain group based on your social class, cultural background, etc. Whether you like it or not power is described as who has the most money and most power over the lower class. Anyone being oppressed will feel the need to bounce back and rebel against the people bringing them down, and this is how Karl Marx explained society and the structure of it through the Conflict

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