Sociological And Psychological Issues In Psychology

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Student name: Chan Tsz hin
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Teacher: Dr. Samantha Fung
Date of submission: 14 November 2017 The beginning of psychology: Philosophy
Science is a system of acquiring knowledge which uses empirical observation and experimentation to explain natural phenomena. (2006-2016, sciencemadeeasy).
Karl Popper argued that scientific knowledge is progressive. True theories were replaced false beliefs. (Golinski, J. 2001, p2). Thomas Kuhn suggested that scientific activity is guided by a paradigm. Sociological and psychological factors have a significant impact on science. (Kuhn, T. 1962,
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Humanists believe the major motivations not life is the actualizing tendency, whereas existentialism claimed that the motivational force is to create meaning by effectively making choices.
The most famous humanist - Maslow, developed the hierarchy of needs theory of human motivation. He suggested that people were motivated by increasing complex needs. (Brennan, J.F. 2003). Once the basic needs are fulfilled, they become motivated to pursue higher level needs. Carl Roger is one of the founders of humanistic psychology. He strongly believed in the power of free will and self-determination.

The roots of third force movement were found in philosophical speculation and literary works, which represents a sort of wishful thinking that is not factually correct. Many concepts of humanistic psychology are so vague which defy verification. Although it did not generate a comprehensive alternative to behaviorism, it has exerted an impact on clinical applications. It paved the way for the development of positive psychology and brought the benefit of diverse perspectives on the nature of psychological
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Greater clarity of the issues can be derived from the turmoil of controversy so that knowledge is advanced.

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