Contribution Of Urbanization Essay

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Urbanization is actually the process of moving of the population from rural to urban areas, that is, the slow and gradual increase in the amount of people living in urban areas, and the means by which each society adapts to the change. It is predominantly the phenomenon in which towns and cities are constituted and they grow massive as more and more people begin to live and work in the urban areas. Urbanization began during the industrial revolution, when workers moved towards the manufacturing hubs in the cities to obtain jobs in factories as agricultural jobs became less common .In urbanization the rural communities grow to form cities or urban centres and by extension the growth and expansion of those cities .Urbanization is not just a modern phenomenon, but a rapid and historic transformation of human social roots on a global scale, thereby predominant rural culture being rapidly replaced by predominantly urban culture.
Urbanization is linked to a vast range of disciplines, incorporating geography, sociology, economics, urban planning, and public health etc. This phenomenon is closely connected to modernization,
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,the growth of the private sector after 1990,hence, it is being driven by economic compulsions where people moved out seeking economic advancements to areas which were offering better job opportunities ,it is also driven by land fragmentations, villages being removed due to roads and highway constructions, dam constructions and other
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