Sociological Approach To The American Frontier

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Kyuhun Whang T.A.: Nazar Bagci Reading Response One Main Idea: U.S Frontier is worthy to be studied seriously and variously. - In contrast with the other nations’ development (advancing in the limited physical area, with already existing ideologies), U.S. enlarged its territory and advanced from the nature to complicated society at the same time. - In contrast with European frontier (densely populated, civilized), U.S. frontier is the intersecting point of the savage and civilization. - Study of the disease and microorganism was activated in frontier, but the sociological approach to the frontier was not carried out by researchers. - Frontier made its own culture, by mixing the European culture and Native American culture. Main Idea: Frontier is a key factor that forms U.S. history. - Frontier is where the Democracy deeply considering private freedom has originated. - The trait of the U.S. citizen, bravery, innovativeness, and entrepreneurship is from the Frontier. - Frontier is turned to village and village is turned to commercialized town;…show more content…
He states that slavery itself does not have significant meaning. Moreover, he mentions the events occurred with the Native American people just as a means for earning more free territories (Turner 3). If he had really wanted to explain about “the significance of the frontier in American history”, he should have pondered about the impact of struggling with Native American and Slavery on American history. His writing is not an academic essay but biased propaganda to make people believe U.S. as the superior nation. As a scholar, one should not be biased by one perspective or tendency; since we are human, it is hard to maintain objectivity always. Fredrick was so focused on the impact of frontier in the shoes of U.S. citizens and believed the superiority of American history that he lost the
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