Jehovah Witness Research Paper

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many people can say that Jehovah Witnesses express that they are the strictest religion out there. They have chooses that should be taken after or the individual breezes up reprimanded. They don't believe in various religions by any stretch of the imagination, in any shape or casing. Jehovah Witnesses God's name to them is Jehovah. The sociological thoughts discussed will be social class and principles, a limit and a brokenness of Jehovah Witness religion, an agent custom, and a piece of this religion that includes conflict.The key symbolic custom Jehovah Witnesses practice is love, three times every week. Social occasions begin with an open address, trailed by examination of a scriptural subject . The Kingdom Halls is the place Jehovah Witnesses…show more content…
Jehovah Witnesses don't watch Mother's Day or Father's Day since they trust God Jehovah should have all the greatness, not have different people be venerated. Jehovah Witnesses believe any event that does not adore their God is of Pagan reason. This infers they believe the events diverse religions celebrate are a consequence of the Devil. The primary certifiable events Jehovah Witnesses can celebrate are their own particular remembrances and marriage/newborn child showers.Another sociological thought for Jehovah Witnesses is benchmarks. A couple of guidelines for Jehovah Witnesses are no sex before marriage, no wagering, beside no drinking, no untimely birth, and no war. Sex before marriage is an imperative sin in all religions, yet Jehovah Witnesses view it as something that should not be thought of before marriage in any shape . Wagering is a sort of voracity, and should not be done. A touch of drinking is thought about the Jehovah Witnesses yet if they end up alcoholic, it is seen as a bad behavior. Jehovah Witnesses blame people that rashly end their children . Jehovah Witnesses in like manner decay to appreciate wars since they are not in the Battle of
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