Sociological Concept Of Culture In Nursing

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Introduction The purpose of this essay is to achieve the aim to describe the sociological concept of the culture and discuss the cultural world in which might influenced the patient’s perceptions towards the ill health experience. This essay will be able to recognise the problem faced and to assist in the future nursing practice. The concept of culture is a belief among the society which surrounds by the behaviours and attitudes, that were learned and shared within the same society from one generation to the next generation (Galanti, 1997). In a way, people living within the same group of society would share the same culture, this includes language, myths, religion ceremonies, family life and so forth (Brockman, 2011). Therefore, the role of culture might influence the perceptions in health status between the ethnic groups; in which it is important for the healthcare professionals to explain the appropriate interventions in a person’s values and beliefs (Culley and Dyson, 2001). Everyday conduct is guided by the social structure in which one lived, in this manner, one perceive society circumstance, and respond appropriately (McNeill and Townley, 1989). According to Cooke and Philpin (2008) that were cited by Parsons (1955), which stated that culture norms is transmitted by certain way which is divided into two categories of socialisation; primary socialisation is mainly takes place afterbirth so that one able to learn from the society and as for secondary socialization

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