Sociological Effects Of Bullying Essay

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Do you have children who are young and in school? Or perhaps you have a younger brother or sister. Do you ever wonder if they have friends, or who they play with during recess? Do you ever question if someone is unkind or cruel to them? Then you may have thought about bullying once or twice. This paper will give facts and the effects of bullying on children and teenagers and I will give a sociological perspective as well as provide solutions to the problem. Bullying is defined as a use of higher strength or influence to frighten someone, usually to force him/her to do what they want. Some types of bullying include verbal bullying, social bullying and physical bullying. Verbal bullying involves things like teasing, inappropriate comments, name-calling,…show more content…
Effects of bullying which children and teens suffer from short term and long term effects. Some of the physical signs include fatigue, insomnia, shaky hands, and loss of appetite, depression, and suicidal ideation. In the USA 29.9 percent of high school youth surveyed that they felt unhappy or hopeless. While 13.6 percent made a plan about how they would attempt suicide, then we have another 8 percent that have attempted suicide at least once and lastly 2.7 percent attempted suicide that caused in an injury, poisoning, or overdose that had to be treated by a doctor or…show more content…
This perspective focuses on the social theory that disputes that individuals and groups within a society have opposing amounts of materials and non-material resources. Looking at bullying though a sociological perspective I would have to go with the approach of the conflict theory. For example the rich vs. the poor, the more powerful groups use their power in order to exploit groups with less power. I believe that the conflict theory provides an appropriate representation for bullying because it relates to issues in social inequality. Also through a social conflict theory they are going to look at things such as surveys and groups that are more prone to bullying. They would also look how society deals with bullying from group to group and they would see if a person of one race is treated differently from another
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