Sociological Factors Affecting Academic Performance

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CHAPTER TWO 2.0 SOCIOLOGICAL FACTORS AFFECTING GIRLS IN ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE 2.1 An Overview This chapter reviews some of the available literature review on sociological factors affecting girls’ academic performance in the world and the developing countries. Different studies indicate a number of sociological factors affecting girls’ academic performance. 2.2 Roles of Matrons and Female Teachers as Role Models i) Roles of Matrons The role of matrons in public secondary schools is vital. They are advisors and provide guidance and counseling to school girls. Onoria (2007) noted that lack of matrons is a big concern in the welfare of school children. In absence of matrons in schools, one would ask who monitors and cares for the girls in schools,…show more content…
Sanitation systems include toilets, drainage and sewage system, and waste materials systems. If a school has no proper sanitation system, it may affect girls’ academic performance. For example, Twinomugisha (2007) points out that inadequate and poor latrine structures have previously been reported to be one of the causes of girls’ poor performance. This problem prevents girls from enjoying their rights to education. Onoria (2007), visited five schools in Rwanda in October 2009` taken as an example for the study, four out of the five school visited had dilapidated latrine structures. For some schools there was no clear provision of separate toilets for girls and boys. In one of the schools, latrine facilities and structure for girls were non-existent and female teachers had to use latrines for girls. Tindifa (2007) holds that the issue of sanitation and hygiene is still a problem in many schools. In some schools sanitary facilities are very old and not well maintained or…show more content…
It was found that women spend about 15 or more hours on various important household activities. Unfortunately, as Lyndon (1994) points out, some of the household activities that girls are involved in household chores. Also, in many countries parents of poor and large families require children’s labour for food production and for care of young sibling, in most cases girls being the victims of the cultural practices. Experience has indicated that even if girls had opportunity to attend classes, they still find themselves occupied by family activities as immediately as they arrive at home from

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