Delinquency Sociological Factors

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Do Sociological Factors Play a Role in Juvenile Delinquency? The topic of Juvenile Delinquency is far too complex and it needs to be accessed in the sociological terms to understand the impact of it on today’s youth. This concept has been defined as the criminal behavior being carried out by the Youth or the non-adults. Though it is difficult to define the complete construct in one go, the societal impacts which ensue these behaviors are necessary to be understood. The deviant behavior under juvenile delinquency includes taking drugs, sexual laxities, engaging in fights or in severe cases killing of suicide. In the context of this paper, the sociological factors like labelling, poverty, lack of education, lack of adequate nutrition and a difficult…show more content…
It can rightly be said that drug addiction at a very young age and juvenile delinquency are directly proportional to each other. A young drug addict would do anything even if illegal to satisfy their need for the drug (ATI, 2011). They may indulge into illicit actions like stealing, robbing and violence to get money for their ‘newly induced’ need. So, it can rightly be said that drugs can inculcate an element of aggression and violence in youth at a very young age. Once habitual of such negativities, these teenagers, once adults become a ruthless part of the society. They cannot contribute productively to their society but are like pieces of scum, which are useless and are hatted by the other healthy individuals of the…show more content…
This bugging or ‘negative-motivation’ is known as ‘Peer Pressure’, a preliminary point of deviant behaviour in youth. ‘Peer Pressure’ is viral and can undoubtedly spread and effect many i.e. leads to an exponential rate of increase in the drug addicts. According to the PRIDE surveys, the use of drugs among adolescents has more than doubled since the beginning of the decade (Develpoment). Teenagers, take pride in imitating their friends, usually acting as a ‘pressure group’ and become a trend setter for those who follow them. Teenagers, in most of the cases fear being out-casted so leaving no stone unturned to be the part of their friends’ group, they accept drugs, sexual laxities and other unethical acts like stealing. The teenagers realize not that the initial uncalculated thrill, excitement, enthusiasm and pleasure can plunge them in the well of pain, distress and despair, once they would have to face the consequences of their
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