Consequences Of Globalization Analysis

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Over the recent years the meaning of globalization has changed. The term Globalization has no specific meaning. “Globalization - the 'big idea' of the late twentieth century - lacks precise definition. More than this, it is in danger of becoming, if it has not already become, the cliché of our times.” (Anthony McGraw Global transformations). Globalization encourages integration between government, businesses and common people from all over the world, which is a product of interchanging ideas and mutual sharing of views. Globalization can also be defined as bringing the world together or connecting to the world through defined systems (Cohen, 2013). Globalization can be facilitated by the Internet or by some other networking medium. The technological…show more content…
According to Arnett (2002), there are major issues related to identity, which develop due to globalization. The first is the development of a bicultural identity or perhaps a hybrid identity, which means that part of one’s identity is rooted in the local culture while another part stems from an awareness of one’s relation to the global world. The development of global identities is no longer just a part of immigrants and ethnic minorities. People today especially the young develop an identity that gives them a sense of belonging to a worldwide culture, which includes an awareness of events, practices, styles and information that are a part of the global culture. Media such as television and especially the Internet, which allows for instant communication with any place in the world, play an important part in developing a global identity. Yet, along with this new global identity people continue to retain and develop their local identity for daily interactions with their family, friends and community. A good example of bicultural identity is among the educated youth in India who despite being integrated into the global fast paced technological world, may continue to have deep rooted traditional Indian values with respect to their personal lives and choices such as preference for an arranged marriage, caring for parents in their old age. Although developing a bicultural identity means that a local identity is retained alongside a global identity, there is no doubt that local cultures are being modified by
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