Sociological Imagination And Social Expectations

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The sociological imagination helps us understand how social arrangements influence people’s behavior. Often people can’t distinguish “between personal troubles of milieu and public issues” (mills 2014, 4) and that is greatly affected by their social environment. This leads us to ask why people do certain things. In The Promise, Mills states that neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both (Mills 2014, 1). Social arrangements and social status affects people greatly and that why we don’t always understand the problems that are facing our community. When someone is raised in a rich or poor neighborhood, you and the people around you share have similar problems that it is no longer…show more content…
My society influences my decision that they are no longer personal troubles but public issues in my society. If I decide to not go to class it is not because I can’t it is because everyone else is doing it to. Stephanie Coontz talks about, “How History and Sociology Can Help Today’s Families” (Coontz 2014, 7). She puts teen- parent’s conflicts into perspective and tells us about male –female conflicts that happen. Times have changed dramatically over the last decade. The way parents raise their children is totally different today, compared to how kids were raised back then. Kids could have jobs at an early age and contributed majorly on how the performed when they got older, the kind of jobs they got and the kind of person they turned out to be when they grew up. (Coontz 2014,…show more content…
Gallagher article on “Miscounting Race: Explaining Whites’ Misperceptions of Racial Group Size” has a large influence on the medias racial perception, and political identities and racial hypervisibility. In the media “the perception that blacks were overrepresented in the media, particularly on local television news… ” (Gallagher 2014, 42). This relates affects not only one black person in a certain area but everyone in that community. “Misinformation about changing demographic patterns in the United States seem to play a role in the perception of racial group size. What has been lost on the general public is that this great racial sea change wherein whites are no longer a majority will not occur until 2050.” (Gallagher 2014.47) we see how the social imagination affects people in every

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