Sociological Imagination And Sociology

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The ability of individuals who become aware of their place within society and recognize the link between individuals and society is sociological imagination according to Wright Mills. Mills defined “sociological imagination as the ability to grasp the relationship between individual lives and the larger social forces that shape them—that is, to see where biography and history intersect.”(Chambliss & Eglitis, 2016 p. 06). Social imagination has two ideas that make a division from between different sides in society that being personal troubles and public issues. Through sociological imagination we are able to view and understand things from a different view point and notice changes in social norms such as the economy shifting from agricultural to a more industrial, from…show more content…
Regardless of gender weight effects both men and women whether you are overweight or of normal weight. As individual we all have wishes or concerns about our weight and how we look compared to what we see on TV or in magazines. This has become a large social movement in America over the past several years with companies spending more and more on advertisement, and everyone knows sex sales. We can see that weight management has become a huge personal trouble for most individuals thus becoming a public issue. People across the world worry about weight loss and healthy eating, some even take it to the extreme when it comes to dieting, which is causing major health concerns developing eating disorders. “Women are three times as likely to experience anorexia (0.9 percent of women vs. 0.3 percent of men) and bulimia (1.5 percent of women vs. 0.5 percent of men) during their life. They are also 75 percent more likely to have a binge eating disorder (3.5 percent of women vs. 2.0 percent of men).” (Chambliss & Eglitis, 2016 p.

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