Sociological Imagination: Case Study

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The Sociological Imagination gives us the ability to know our past relates to other people and the history and social structure Everyone today is facing some kind of issue that can be a micro that is only a personal issue however; it can also be a macro that is a problem to the public. In my case the issue is being able to go to college and pay for every class that I need to accomplish my goals, which is all very important to me. Deciding to go to a community college gives me more of the chance to pay for schooling and not have any debt as a young college student. As a young college student having some type of exchange and communication with others is valuable to have and that is where my family comes in. Family is very important to me to have at this particular time. They have always been there to help me to get where I am today and where I can be in the future. My family has always encouraged me to complete my goals and dreams and if it takes working more than one job they would do it in an insistent. Other than my family friends have been great for getting support and ideas that can be very beneficial for myself and for them as well. Having my family and friend has been wonderful to have them every step…show more content…
This also includes being part and having a role with people within the college like the admissions and faulty staff to ask questions for possible resources that can be useful to find different kinds of ways paying for school. One of the them being is having a job and being an employee is another role I take on while some don’t have to worry much about how they are going to pay for school and can just focus on thing and that is their work for

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