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In our books, we see that sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within a society. In other words, sociological imagination is a technique to look at life in another perspective. Sociological imagination is also an awareness of the relationship between an individual and wider society; a key element in this is the ability to view one 's society as an outsider would. As humans, we can 't let our social location determine our abilities. We must explore beyond what we are given and what we are told is right. Humans must defeat mediocrity by not setting themselves up for limited expectations. Being a part of a general category as simply as being a first generation Hispanic/Latino…show more content…
It takes a great deal of sociological imagination to attend college. Not many people feel like they are capable of going to college because of the stereotypes and they feel unqualified. Going to college has always been a big thing in my family. My parents did not want me to settle for just any job they wanted me to have a career and one that I enjoy. They want me to do well in life, so not only I can have a better lifestyle, but I can also take them with me in my success. There is a limited amount of people in my immediate family who actually went to college, so going for me is a really big deal. I did not do really good in high school so that lead me to a selected few number of colleges to attend. I started out at Northern Oklahoma College and later life gave me the opportunity to transfer here at Oklahoma State University. Doing good academically can branch into different fields in which we can utilize and expand our experiences. Social perspective plays a major part in one 's decision to go to college because people want more in life not just what they were given. They want to learn more and they want to be more so getting a college education will get them there. People 's lives are shaped by society. They become accustomed to different things and try to stay on trend. One 's society plays a role in one 's personality and the way they might live their lives. My sociological imagination lead me to where I am today. I did not let statistics and stereotypes about my social

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