Most Important Events In History Essay

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There are certain events in history that can shape a person’s entire life, whether they know it or not. These events are also what shape an entire society and its culture. That is where sociological imagination takes place. Sociological imagination is described as an understanding of both an individual’s life and the history of a society. To me, the most historic event that shaped me is the Eritrean War. In the late 50s Muslim Eritreans were suffering under Ethiopian federation. Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I wanted to create a union between Eritrea and Ethiopia, but he would destroy any distinct signs of Eritrea’s cultural practices. The government formed a constitution where Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia at the time, would be the only language taught in schools, so Tigrinya and Arabic were banned. This created a revolution among the Muslim Eritreans. In 1960 Idris Mohammed Adam, Muslim leader of the Eritrean Liberation Front, created the very first opposition movement. By the mid 60s, Adam was able to create an army out of the ELF and move them to the western plain of Eritrea. This began the thirty long year war. By the time the 70s came, the ELF grew. It gained support from the Eritrean Christian students…show more content…
It really shows how our community comes together for these times. We have so many holidays where we have fully dedicated events to cater to that specific day. Martyrs Day is a day when everyone goes to the capitol and lights a candle to remember the soldiers that lost their lives. We also have Women’s Day which is a little more festive where there are actual performances. My friends and I are usually one of the performers where we do a traditional dance in our cultural clothing and hairstyles. This the day we celebrate all the women soldiers that fought in the

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