Sociological Imagination In My Personal Life

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In Sociology, “Sociological imagination is a person’s ability to connect his personal experiences to the society at large and to a greater extent, to historical forces. Sociological imagination allows a person to question customs or habits that seem natural to him. It is a person’s ability to think away from the familiar routines people take in everyday life.” (“What is The Sociological Imagination, 2016). In other words, the sociological imagination focuses on the idea of someone understanding on who what why and how certain things shape the way a person lives or interacts with people. An example of Sociological imagination in my own personal life would be, in my Grandmother era which was in the late forty and into the late into the seventies…show more content…
In our younger years our family shapes most of our thoughts and actions as we get older we grow relationships with others such as peers and they shape who we can be. Later in our early adult life we are able to make more of our own descions based off of what we have learned from earlier relationships. However, you can still see some of our decions we make base off of what are parents have explained to us. Like our political values. Most of my family is conservative The purpose of having a sociological place in our society is so that we can understand why people do the things do it gives us a sense of being and it also helps keep society safe with law and order. People have been trying to change this definition for years and now Many states have made it so that anyone who loves one another and wants to share their life together can do so. In society we are faced with different norms and values that differ between different societies. This leads up to what type of statuses you hold as a human being. No matter who you are people label you in a specific way this what a status is, as a person you can have many different statuses it could be that you are white middle class…show more content…
For example, a personal trouble public transportation. While, public transportation is a good way to find way from place to place. Public transportation isn’t required way to get around so there for it’s a person trouble. Not everyone has time to wait for a bus or even wants to get there at a specific time a day. It’s even more difficult for those who use the bus for school or work because not all the time is the bus itself on time. Giving someone the disadvantage of being late. Public troubles are factors that effect a community as a whole. A huge example of this that’s happening right now is flooding. Flooding is something that is not just devastating for one person it can effect a whole community. Homes and business are more likely to be destroyed, effecting millions of people around the world. Over all I find the sociological imagination an interesting topic, I have learned a lot and I have also realized that some of my thinking even though its different from my families, it is ok, because as adult we form our own opinions and own way of seeing our
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