Sociological Imagination In Singapore

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Sociological imagination is a unique way to engage the world around us. To think sociologically is to realise that what we are experiencing as personal problems have social roots and are often shared by many others. Many of our personal problems are in fact social issues. In this essay, we will use Sociological Imagination as the tool to identify the inseparable relations between the personal and the social, with the focus surrounding myself and my homeland, Singapore. I will first briefly elaborate on the events listed on my timeline and subsequently focus on one which I felt had the most crucial influence to my current life experience as a student in NUS, for a more in-depth analysis.

For the social part of my timeline, it all began on the morning of 9th August 1965, when the Parliament of Malaysia voted in favour of a constitutional amendment to expel Singapore from the Federation. Hours later, the Parliament of Singapore passed the Republic of Singapore Independence Act and formally establishing Singapore as an independent and sovereign republic. As a young
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However, this connection can be formed simply by using Social Imagination. The perception of my life and Singapore can be examined from several different perspectives rather than adopting the simple act of comparison between both timelines. In the matter of my citizenship, I am always proud that Singapore has the top international airport in the world and that we can live together as Singaporean, regardless of race, language or religion. However, if Singapore was not expelled by Malaysia in 1965, and hence formed a country of her own, this would not be possible. Likewise, without my family and many other Singaporeans working hard to eliminate discrimination and make Changi Airport possible, Singapore would not stand at where she is today. It is very clear here that the social is linked to the personal, and via

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