Sociological Imagination In Society

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Society is a very intricate system that is governed by many factors that shape and develop the individuals within it. C.W theory the sociological imagination is carefully looked at and what it consists of is in this essay. The issues individual’s deal with such as personal problems and how they affect the wider society are discussed. The sociological imagination will be discussed its usefulness in concluding this essay.
2. Sociological imagination
The sociological imagination is the passage to step back from your problems and not view them a personal frame of mind but to instead see how that particular situation may or can affect society as a whole. This is no easy task as in order to do this one has to gain and take insight or information
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For example a personal issue like alcoholism doesn’t only have major effects on one’s self but also on the surrounding community like the person’s family and even people extended out of the family unit in society. Alcoholism as defined by (Wood,2015:1) states that is it a physical dependence on alcohol and an inability to stop or limit drinking. This personal issue can engulf a person as it can become your sole alliance to help you cope with difficult situations. That would be linked to the part of the definition as a physical dependence on alcohol as mentally the person holds alcohol to be more important than anything else and making sure that it is readily available can become a number one priority. Personally this can affect income as the person may only want to spend money on buying alcohol and not paying bills or buying food and necessities. Alcoholism physically can disrupt your system internally. These disruptions can cause brain disorders, liver not being able to function properly and vitamin deficiency to name a few. These affects don’t always last for just a short period of time but can have very long lasting affects on the person to which has this personal issue. Alcoholism isn’t unique to the individual it affects, it can be brought upon through social…show more content…
As described above the social problem that could be linked to alcoholism is that the person does not feel a sense of belonging within the community. The dependence on alcohol could be to numb the feeling of being isolated and that could cause the dependence to constantly be in that state of mind. On the family this can cause distress amongst the other members as they try their best to help and their efforts don’t always seem to work which can cause a divide within the family. This constant need to drink can endanger others as the person could become very aggressive and doing daily things such driving may become hazardous as driving drunk doesn’t only put the person driving the car at risk but also other people driving. To fix this problem the positive mind set could be put in place to reassure the person that alcohol is not the answer to fix the problem, therapy groups and rehabilitation could also be other steps to provide the person with treatment for alcoholism. Especially in the Family situation there is a family support network established in Ireland to help families dealing with issues like this and helps support the family in many different
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