Sociological Imagination

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Pebbles Santos
Instructor Lopez
SOC 1-21
24 April 2015

The Sociological Imagination
The sociological imagination is a concept developed by C. Wright Mills. The sociological imagination is the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society [Mills]. In other words, it is a person’s ability to recognize a situation in a broader social perspective and examine how they influence other individuals and situations. It is examining an individual’s decision based on who they are in a certain place in time. Every decision or choice has been made based on different influences they have had throughout their lives. Everyone is capable of developing sociological imagination simply by opening their eyes to the world around them and being more aware of themselves, and the society they live in. The way I see the world is greatly impacted by the way I was raised, and the ethnicities I am derived from. In my culture, feminist values are instilled because I was raised by a single mother. Growing up, I watched as my father was abusive towards my mother because of her strong will and refusal to subside to his every need. Therefore, my family accounts for the eighty percent of all families that are headed by a single woman. It is expected for everyone to make an honest living, and work for success. This is why I was pushed to aim for college at a young age from both faculty and teachers at my schools and by my family. Only twenty percent of Native Hawaiians and
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