Sociological Perspective Analysis

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In many instances, it can be rather difficult to derive an explanation as to why some individuals are prejudiced or discriminatory. However, by applying the sociological perspective, one can analyze why some individuals assert this kind of aggression and/or negativity towards minority groups. Through socialization, individuals are able to observe and imitate behaviors of others (Major, 2015a). Due to this, prejudiced and discriminatory can be learned through one’s socialization (Major, 2015e). One can examine how one’s upbringing can affect his or her attitude towards another racial/ethnic group – like the White male who was prejudice against my mother and me for example. By observing this incident through the Symbolic Interactionism perspective,…show more content…
The three primary theoretical perspectives provide an explanation as to how society has influenced me, with each perspective conceptualizing society, societal forces, and human behavior. I am able to analyze my life on a micro level with Symbolic Interactionism in which I use symbols to explain how I view the world and communicate with others. Both Functionalism and Conflict Theory can be analyzed on a macro level. With Functionalism, I can inspect the relationships and interrelated parts that make up society and how these aspects of society affect my life. As for Conflict Theory, I can investigate how competition for scarce resources can also affect my…show more content…
My behaviors, characteristics, and how I am as an overall person is largely attributed to socialization. Through socialization, I am able to develop a sense of self and adopt certain values, beliefs, skills, and attitudes by observing and imitating the key players in my life. By considering the role of social categories, such as gender, race and ethnicity, and social class, I am able to have a better understanding and explanation of my behaviors and characteristics. For instance, being born as a Vietnamese-American female into the working poor social class has given me a heart full of pain and agony, a head bursting with extreme anxiety and stress, and a hand chock-full of anger and resentment. My gender, race and ethnicity, and social class have categorized me as a minority. And as a minority, I will face many impediments, such as prejudice and discrimination, that will make my life appear rather unpleasant. I have concluded, however, that these impediments are nothing more than society’s challenges. These obstacles and other social experiences have only made me become

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