Sociological Perspective Essay

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The text book, Sociology, Fifteenth Edition by John. J. Macionis, formally defines sociological imagination is coined by the American sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959, describing the process of linking individual experienced in social institutions and one’s place history. By this perspective, people in poverty might link their personal circumstances to the social forces relevant to their present condition. In good times and bad, the power of the sociological perspective lies in the making sense of our individual lives. We see that many of our particular problems (and our successes, as well) are not unique to us but are the results of larger social trends. Half a century ago, sociologist C. Wright Mills pointed to the power of what he called…show more content…
I’m a white female that was born in Eastern Kentucky on August, 23, 1985 at Kings Daughter Hospital. I’m a member of what is referred to as Generation X. You don’t hear much about my generation because we are in between two much larger generations which are the Baby Boomers that is ahead of us and Millennial that is behind us. That is highly different from one another. We are caught between “work till we die” Baby Boomers and the “entitled generation me” Millennials. I watched my father work all my life and now he is sick. He isn’t old enough for retirement and I fear he will not make it to enjoy his retirement as he should. As my parents saving accounts has diminished by medical bills, medications and paying other bills. My mother draws disability for a work related injury but it’s still not enough to make ends mites. Yes, I will get a college educations and succeed in my career as a Social Worker so I can make sure I don’t leave my spouse or children in a finical bind. As doing volunteer work and going back to college I could recognize the Millennials. I found Millennials is pushy, loud and very demanding of their wants. I feel the Millennials thinks they should be running companies just because they are more technology smarter they the generations behind
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