Sociological Perspective

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1. All three concepts that amount to the sociological perspective do not necessarily have one thing in common other than them being different ways we think about the world. However, they all tie together. The sociological perspective in itself is a way of thinking about the world so that we understand sort of why people are the way they are through aspects of nature vs. nurture, social class, and other concepts of that nature. Instead of judging something or someone based off their appearance, it is taking a second to try and understand them as we all should. Sociological imagination and the beginner’s mind have the most in common in my opinion because the whole idea of the sociological imagination is that rather than blaming one’s self for something or seeing everything as a personal problem it encourages us to think about those around us as well as what is going on around us whether it be the economy or politics whereas the beginners mind also wants people to not place judgement on anyone and be open considering everything there is to consider. Culture shock is sort of a lone wolf in my opinion when grouping the three together because it is the only one defined as being fearful and weirded out by what is going on around you rather than open minded as the other concepts are trying to push.
2. First of all, I feel all three of these men were a bit ahead of their time. During and after the revolutions everything was still being figured out and settled so I feel they were just

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