Sociological Perspective In Nursing

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“Discuss why a sociological perspective is important for nurses/midwives to adopt in their nursing/midwifery practice.”
What is the relevance in studying sociology and how can one make use of their knowledge in clinical practice? Sociology outlines how our society developed, is structured and how it functions. It is the study of human society and the behaviour of us in it. (Crossman, 2017) I think it is of utmost importance that nurses/midwives have a profound knowledge of sociology as we and our patients are all members in our society and as Fahrenwald et al. (2005) stated we work within a profession of caring and caring involves connecting with and showing empathy for people. We, as professionals, deal with humans on a therapeutic
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Maranzan (2016) claims that stigma regarding mental health is a common issue in not only the general public but also with medical and healthcare students and needs to be addressed promptly. The author believes that this problem may be reduced, and attitudes will be changed with proper interprofessional education and strategies which include both theory and practical learning. I strongly agree with this theory because due to stigmatization in both society and healthcare systems, people are not receiving or seeking the help and resources they need. As nurses/midwives we must have a sociological understanding on the subject of mental health and the marginalization associated with it so we can do everything in our power to care for these…show more content…
A study conducted by Cunningham et al. (2009) states the adolescents who have a negative view on STD’s are less likely to get screened for fear of a positive diagnosis and the shame associated with it. Stigmatization is acting as a barrier against people seeking the care they need and as nurses/midwives it is crucial we understand that this is society’s view on such a serious topic. According to Cunningham et al. (2009) adolescents are the social group most at risk of contracting an STD and it is extremely worrying that our society’s prejudice and views are interfering with care-seeking. It is important that nurses/midwives know that this is going on today so that we can educate today’s youth about STD’s and provide safe, non-judgemental environments where screening and education is carried out. It is also important that we have a sociological perspective so we can promote STD screening and safety in such a way that will be

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