Sociological Perspective Of Independent Movies

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CONCEPTUAL PARADIGM While independent movies are considerably disregarded by normal movie-goers in the Philippines, the class has turned into the "in thing" in the nation as non-mainstream movies increase approval and produce worldwide interest. Industry specialists noticed that outside the box movie producers create a bigger number of films now than standard studios, which have been saddled by tremendous misfortunes because of theft, high charges and still remote rivalry. There are lots of misconceptions on Independent films, especially when its leading character or leading characters portray by women. The study will be focusing on the perspectives of selected feminist organization only. Using these perspectives, the researcher will discuss the stand of those organizations about this issue. How they take actions on it, do they have any plans? Do they consider it as negative or positive? Throughout the study, we are going to understand and learn not to underestimate the woman who portrays a role in an indie film. This approach is considered to be most viable in this type of research as it would enable the researcher to gain a deeper look at the different side and different kinds of feminists. This way, the researcher would be able to apply sociological theories for the formulation of possible answers to his questions which mainly revolve on the motivations and the personalities as well as the personalities as well as the behavior of the respondents in the said situation.

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