Sociological Perspective On Domestic Violence

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Violence can happen in any relationship irrespective of culture, class and ethnic group, in many societies domestic violence upon women in seen as a normal detail. Women living in relationships which involves mental and physical abuse is frequently exposed to sexual violence. This affects the woman’s identity and self-image, the most frustrating part is that these abuses are done by none other than their husbands whose duties are to protect and respect their wives (Garcia Moreno et al, N.D). According to an article of ‘domestic violence on women’, female faces terrible circumstances within the family itself as female babies were murdered and abandoned. In some families, girls were considered as a burden. They were raped and even killed. Women are emancipating and are not dependent on their male partners therefore men can no longer control their wives thus they become frustrated whereby domestic abuses and marital breakdown occurred. According to Houle (2009), 60% of women in Canada aged fifteen and over occupy the highest positions in the private and public sectors. In Canada, various surveys were carried out over 10,000 women and statistics released a report revealing that 8 in 10 women were…show more content…
The theoretical and empirical analysis have been explained, statistics and empirical evidences have been demonstrated to show why domestic violence occurs and to what level men can abused their female partners. Domestic Violence is an obstacle to the empowerment of women, they are emotionally abused, this can have long lasting effects on them and it makes them feel worthless. Because of this, families are broken and children who witnesses domestic violence are growing up with a lot of mental stress. This makes them feel helpless and weaker which can affects their academic studies, they also become emotionally
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