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2.3 Sociological perspective: Macionis (), analyzed that sociology is efficient study of human society. Society refers to public who live in a defined region and share a way of existence. Sociology’s analysis of society is a special point of view called a sociological perspective. To define the sociological perspective there is an additional way to define that is considering the general in the particular. It tells that that sociologist look for common pattern in particular human’s behavior. In the perspective of sociology, education is social institution in the classes of which society provides its member with essential knowledge as well as basic facts, skills for job and cultural norms and values. Theoretical approaches as a fundamental image…show more content…
It is very helpful for the distance education, students and teachers themselves and they also seen the advantages of educational technology. Educational technology was growing day by day in the classroom system and students of new generation were ready to work on latest technology which play important role in learning and acquiring cognitive knowledge. Educational technology improved the student’s hidden skills, cognitive characteristics and receiving new information but we must find the best strategy to apply technologies in teaching…show more content…
He analyzed that there is change now in communication mediums. Face to face communication was decreasing and technology provided the opportunities for aiding in communication. But it has both aspects positive as well as negative. New internet culture can give us information. But it is need to clear that now students need to educate on the proper use of communication technology. The social media format provides an association between the mystery of relationship of people in the real life and internet. So we should educate the student that how to use of technology in appropriate

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