Sociological Perspective On Sexuality

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Sociological Perspectives Sexuality has three assumptions to it 1. Sexuality of members 2. Institutions of society such as family, religion, 3. What is appropriateness or inappropriateness of sexual behavior with in the cultural it occurs in. Society and culture shapes human sexuality that is what is interesting to sociologists. There are several levels in societal influences as well on human sexuality which includes macro levels, society as a whole and ethnic groups which could have the impact of one’s sexuality. Social institutions are influenced by social institution, religion, economy, family, medicine also law. Each institution supports “sexual ideology, or discourse, also sexual activity”. Important part of Americans life is religion. Religion is also a social institution. Religion helps patterns of behaviors and beliefs that help society with basic needs. With the set of practices also the beliefs in religion it gives society an understanding of the meaning and purpose of life. Christian religion is and has been a powerful shaper of sexual norms. Priests and monks are seen virtuous. Procreation beliefs is that sexuality tradition is heterosexual marriage with goals of having children, also called procreational ideology. Having sex before marriage, homosexual sex is very wrong in religion. Only man and women are to be together due to they are the only ones that can procreate. Vizcaino 2 Economy is also another influence on sexuality. Before the revolution work was
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