Sociological Perspective: What Is Important To Me?

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I am very lucky to be living in a country that allows me to have the freedom and rights that I have today. In some countries, marriages are arranged, polyamories are present, women have little rights, and people are poor. Today, technology has allowed me to connect with more people by social media, cars, and cell phones. Society punishes, rewards, or ignores everything we do. As a child, I looked towards my parents and the community when forming an understanding of behavior. The behaviors they showed impacted me in a way that I will likely exhibit those behaviors as well. b. Using the sociological perspective, answer these questions: Why are you in college? What will your life look like in 10 years? What social forces will influence…show more content…
Unlike in my grandparent’s time, when people moved back to the farm or house their parents grew up at, it is unlikely that I will move back in with my parents after I’m done with my education.

c. What have you learned about the world you live in? What social problems are the most concerning to you? (5 pts) The world is made up of various cultural groups with unique strengths and perspectives. Diversity has allowed a wide range of ideas and wisdom to solve problems and enrich our lives. “The water we swim in”, is different for everybody and has changed overtime. Life is a lot different for me than it was for my grandparents. Racial and ethnic divisions are still key issues in society, today. Instead of working together, different racial and ethnic groups are trying to outscore each other, which distracts them from resolving key issues they have in common. Another social problem that concerns me is poverty. The standard of living is on the rise. It is almost impossible for people that are born into low income families to rise any higher, because the costs of even basic needs are higher than what most low income families earn. The rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting

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