Negative Deviant Acts, Traffic Law Violations

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Negative Deviant Acts, Traffic Law Violations
The Act In Sterling, Colorado, various acts of negative deviance happen daily. Especially when one considers driving. Whenever I go for a walk to anywhere in Sterling, I encounter at least one person committing a traffic law violation. Every violation from running a stop sign, to using a one-lane side of a street as a two-lane at an intersection, I have witnessed. I am, however, very fortunate to have not been involved in an accident, although, I have almost been hit at least three times in the past by impatient drivers whom either are unaware or are fully aware of pedestrian right-of-way. Ignorance is not an excuse, especially if people’s lives are on the line. Despite of the society around Sterling having regular traffic laws, it would seem as if following them would be more deviant than violating them, since I seem to see it so frequently. The law enforcement around here doesn’t help either, for it seems as if even the police don’t care. One could argue that unknowingly committing deviance isn’t deviance at all since the person involved didn’t know what they were doing, however, as mentioned, ignorance is not an excuse.
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