Sociological Perspectives Paper

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Application of Sociological Perspectives
Sociology plays an immense role in helping us understand the happenings in the society. Sociology is thus essential in understanding how society works and to plan how to deal with various problems associated with it. It also helps in the understanding of how institutions such as family and home, school, religion, government, and the community contributes to the development of individuals. In addition, it provides solutions to problems facing the society such as crime. This paper examines an article in the Huffington Post by Reilly (2017) that offers an insight into the increase murder rates in the US. The information in the article is examined in relation to four sociological concepts.
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Social control refers to actions that are intended to change the behaviors of people (Little, 2014). Social control, therefore, seeks to maintain social order. Social order refers to an arrangement of behaviors and practices that members of the society base their daily lives on. There are different styles of social control. The first one is penal social control, and this works through the prohibition of particular social behaviors. When this is violated, the response is punishment. The second one is compensatory, and in this case, the offender is obliged to pay the victim in order to compensate for the harm caused. The third one, therapeutic, uses therapy to help individuals return to previous normal state. Finally, conciliatory seeks to reconcile the conflicting parties such that mutual harmony is restored. These social control styles, therefore, are applicable to the case of murders in the US. murder is illegal, and an individual found going against this penal social control is punished. Through the prohibition of murder, the government and society achieve social…show more content…
crime refers to behavior that violates formal societal laws and as a result, is punished by official sanctions (Little, 2014). One type of crime, according to Little (2014) is violent crimes. These are crimes committed through force and include murder, armed robbery, and rape. According to the report by Reilly (2017), it is projected that violent crime rates will increase by 6.3% when the 2016 official statistics are released by the FBI. The main focus of the report by Reilly (2017) is the increase in murder rates in major US cities. Given that murder falls under the category of violent crimes, sociological concepts have an immense role to play in the explanation of the murder rates

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