Personality In Parrillo

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1. Introduction
A) Grab the readers attention
B) Introduce essay topic and materials to be analyzed
C) Discuss primary prejudice causes and in what context they are shown in. That pyschological prejudice can be shown emotionally and also through personality. While sociological prejudice can be shown through social norms.

2. Paragraph 1: Emotional prejudice in Parrillo
A) Topic: Psychogical prejudice can be driven by emotion.
B) Support: Parrillo explains that emotional level of prejudice can be the feeling a group of people causes individuals to feel bases on stereotypes. Parrillo definds emotional prejudice as “feelings that a minority group arouses in an individual. Although these feelings may be based on stereotypes” (214).
C) Analysis:
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Camacho addresses the stereotypes placed on outer islanders and how many do not fit within the perceived description. “...contraray to popular belief, not all outer-island micronesians are drunkards or useless”(PDN)
C) Analysis: Camacho questions those who feel that our own culture is superior. How could we not have our own few bad apples?

4. Paragraph 3: Prejudice through personality in Parrillo
A) Topic: Parrillo explains that prejudice can be acquired from an authoritarian personality or that it may be displaced aggression.
B) Support: To understand displaced aggression Parrillo “defines authoritarian personality as a result of an individuals early childhood experiences of harsh parental disipline and their development of authoritarian personality…when such children become adults, they demonstrate displaced aggression”(216).
C) Analysis: Parrillo continues to discuss how having an authoritarian personality may not be the only determining factor. He expands the personality framework to not only include family, but to include authoritarian personalities also within social factors.

5. Paragraph 4: Prejudice through personality in Terkel
A) Topic: Terkel shows us how personality can cause psychological prejudice through displaced
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C.P Ellis didn’t know this woman other then that she was leading boycotts and demonstrations. The idea of African Americans taking white peoples jobs was not an appealing thought. As C.P Ellis continued to struggle to make a living. Analysis: C.P Ellis’ feelings toward the African American race was emphasized by terkels description of the woman Ann Atwater. This furthering our understanding of C.P Ellis’ displaced aggression.

6. Paragraph 5: Sociological Prejudice through Social Norms in Parrillo
A) Topic: Parrillo suggests that prejudice may not be something we are taught but something we consider to be the social norm.
B) Support: Parrillo explains that social norms are simply shared rules that define what is and what may not be proper behavior. That one may just automatically accept the prejudice as what is to be considered the norm.
C) Analysis: Understand that there is no real reason or known theory for why social norms happen. Why they are developed or even followed.

7. Paragraph 6: Sociological prejudice through Social Norms in Terkel and
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