Sociological Research Synthesis Essay

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The issue discussed in this reading addresses steps in the research process, influences on contemporary sociological research, and methods that engender conflicts as well as ethical dilemmas for sociologist. The author’s reason for writing is to give insight on the various types of methods used in sociological research from ethnography and surveys to experiments. This is important to sociology and society because it provides access to information that people may not have had before; Information such as attitudes, beliefs, and cultures. These various methods provide useful knowledge and validity when understanding society or social problems. Two figures, Robert Park and William Ogburn, had different beliefs on how to make social research more scientific.…show more content…
Ogburn’s goal was to make sociology a science and not to improve the world we live in but to acquire new knowledge. Multiple arguments were made about the various methods used in sociological research. The three main methods are ethnography, surveys, and experiments. An ethnography basically gathers in-depth information of people by going into the community using participant observation or interviews. Even though this method provides an extensive understanding of social processes it also has restrictions such as the research results may only apply to that specific group studied. On the other hand, using the experiment method can usually be validated by repetition and allows researchers to isolate and control conditions. The variables in this method can be analyzed in a systematic way using subjects typically in two groups. Just like the ethnography, experiments have limitations as
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