Sociological Skills

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How Sociological Skills can be used in various Careers
Madison Steed
Southern Methodist University
Spring 2018

Sociology is a dynamic discipline that helps develop individual’s critical thinking, interpersonal skills and enhance their written and communication skills. This academic discipline establishes a way of thinking that brings new insight to world issues. Those insights are what create innovative solutions to world problems which result in a greater understanding and tolerance to diversity. To think critically about something is not to be judgemental, it’s about looking beyond the obvious. By digging below the surface, people are able to discover the root of the issue and analyze its implications. Also, the way people
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She has been a long-time advocate for women, children, poor people and people of color. She also narrows her focus to issues within inner cities. There are multiple forms of legislations that she is responsible for establishing that helped enhance rights of women and minorities, tenant right laws and lastly, restrictions on the police’s ability to use strip searches. She is also a part of Head Start, which is a lobbying group that is tailored to community issues. Perhaps what has helped Maxine become a force in the world of politics is that fact that she has a degree in sociology from California State University. This would be a key benefit when advocating for certain groups of people. As mentioned above, sociology helps to further one’s critical thinking skills. By applying this type of thinking Maxine would be able to look at the issues that any particular group is facing and be able to uncover the deeper sociological context behind it. Then Maxine can analyze the issue from multiple perspectives to ensure that the majority of people benefit from whatever solution she comes to. In addition, sociology is the mechanism that provokes the innovative thinking style that is needed to generate an effective solution. Next, when it comes to advocating for groups of people, sociology is an essential tool needed to be a productive advocate. For instance, in order to be able to be an advocate,…show more content…
Barbara is a professor of public policy and the advisor to the President of Johns Hopkins University. She has been a guest lecturer and taught a class on sociology and healthcare. But that is not where her talents stop. She was a former social worker who has spent her time in the House of Representatives. She focusses on civil rights, national security, education and women’s health. Additionally, she was a primary force in passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was the first piece of legislation that Obama had signed. The most obvious place where sociology helps Barbara is her lecture on sociology and health care. One would have to know sociology to be able to teach it. The piece of legislation that Barbara was a part of was probably the area where she applied her sociology skills the most. First, in order to be able to know what the exact issue is Barbara would have to do some research, which sociology teaches this. Next, Barbara would have to be able to analyze the implications of that issue, who it effects and how it affects them. This would require incredible the critical thinking skills that sociology helps to develops. She would have to look at the issues for multiple perspectives in order to be able to communicate it properly to whomever. She will be able to communicate it properly because, as mentioned before, sociology allows people to know how
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