Sociological Survey Questions

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Before the survey questions relevant to the topic are presented, the first 3 questions cover background information that i felt was necessary for this topic. Public attitudes involve the public as a whole, including families, different ages, and therefore it is important to gather this personal information about the respondent. Public attitudes as a whole are important in this topic as victims of crime tend to be the more vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, females, and young people. From this their response to the reintegration of offenders maybe substantially different to those of the less vulnerable groups. Additionally, offenders most likely to be reintegrated into society are those who have committed sexually orientated crimes and as a result of this, women and children are most at risk of being victims of these crimes (Rubin, 1984). Therefore, I felt it was important to identify those three aspects of their background information.

The design of the survey is simple and clear; this is due to the nature of the survey in which it may be sensitive to certain groups of people. Simple questions require less in-depth thought and therefore will prevent any unintended psychological harm. I have incorporated the use of the colour purple in my survey this makes it more
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Questions two, three, five, six, eleven and thirteen involve categorical variables at an ordinal level of response. Whereas question eight uses continuous variables at the ordinal level of response. I used ordinal responses as due to the potential sensitivity the topic may have on individuals, it is less intrusive to ask for an exact answer and therefore using strongly agree/ slightly agree, may be easier for respondents to respond too (Fowler, 2009). The response formats I have used are relevant to each question and therefore, it ensures a more accurate measurement of

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