Sociological Themes In Crime After Crime

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The documentary I choose is called Crime after Crime, and I felt it demonstrated the sociological themes we have discussed and how the system can be for us or against us. It was a documentary about a lady name Deborah Peagler who was convicted to 25 years to life. She had married a man by the name of Oliver Wilson, who use to beat on her and abuse her. She felt as though it was no way out of the relationship and she even go the police involved. She got a couple of guys around the neighborhood to try to beat him up a little bit but he ended up dying. I believe the biggest social problem in this film is social justice. The system was created to protect the people and ensure justice. True enough she was involved with the killing of her husband, but it all could have been prevented. One night he had pulled a gun on her and she had…show more content…
Wilson, probably wasn’t meant to become deviant but seeing his brother and dad act in those ways influenced him. When they interviewed Wilsons, sister she said everyone compared Wilson and his brother and that made me think he of him being a secondary deviant. As far as Peagler, goes she did go through a rehabilitation process that included being an activist to other women, helping other people get their GED, and counseling. I don’t think she was a true deviant, and I think she should have released immediately. Violence, played a major role in Peagler life because she missed seeing her kids grow up, her family was stressed out over the situation, and because she was a victim of domestic violence she lost her life, mentally and later physically. Prisons, aren’t safe health wise and she got out of jail but had cancer because of all the chemicals she was exposed to. When she got out she died 6 months later , but her story inspired millions to go seek out help when it comes to domestic
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