The Importance Of Norms In Everyday Life

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There are many times when I have been in situations where I could think sociological, but I did not until my first sociology class, which happens to be this one. Because of this, I have reflected on situations and circumstances from the past and concurring everyday life. These examples include being on an elevator, coming to college and meeting new people, having interviews with people of higher power, watching movies, such as The Breakfast Club, Sociologically, norms can be defined as shared expectations or unwritten rules. They can be Mores, which is right versus wrong, or Folkways, meaning polite versus rude. Norms govern behavior, collective, and includes sanctions. An example of a norm in everyday life would be getting on and being on an elevator. When you press the up or down button and the elevator finally arrives, there is an unwritten rule that you wait for the people on the elevator to get off first before you get in. This would be an example of a Folkway because it is the polite thing to do. Another…show more content…
Maybe not so much when you are a toddler or even in elementary school, but it is much more prevalent in high school and even more so college. Impression management is an attempt to control the impressions others have of you. We try to present ourselves in the best way possible because our interactions are like a performance, and everyone wants to do well in a performance. When you are young, you more carefree about just life in general. As you get older and older, this changes and you become more and more aware of what impression you are leaving. This is notably common when you meet new people and are in a new environment, such as coming to college. You want to fit in with everyone so you become extremely aware of every little thing you are doing. This can be especially challenging for people with anxiety who over thinks everything they do, which can ultimately lead to their
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