Sociological Theory Of Ethnicity

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PROBLEMATIZING THE CONCEPTUAL CATEGORY OF ETHNICITY “When studying the literature produced on ethnicity in the past decades it becomes obvious that despite its popularity in academia and the public discourse, the concept is fuzzy, applied in a variety of contexts and used to describe many different things” (KUKUCZKA, 2011). Over the last decade or two, largely in response to the world – wide emergence of identity politics of various kinds – ethnic conflicts, separatist movements, fundamentalism: identity has become a major theme of research and debate within international anthropology and sociology. Research on such issues within the Indian sociology has not progressed to the extend required in the context of contemporary political and social situation. This is due to the lack of an adequate theoretical and conceptual apparatus in part of the confusion while dealing with the interpretation of the sociological categories that arises out of the studies of ethnicity, nationalism, sub – nationalism and identity politics. “The interest in ethnicity and identity is not only confined to India alone. At the global level also the study of culture, ethnicity and identity politics have become important themes of research, particularly after the emergence of various kinds of separatist movements and ethnic conflicts in different part of the world. This has opened – up a new dimension in question for research and politics and offer new frameworks for social analysis. In certain
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