Essay On Lack Of Knowledge

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With confidence we know, a baby dolphin is a procreation of its parent dolphins. If questioned the ancestral origin of it, the answer would be, it’s from some kind of fish. But in reality, the earliest ancestors of them are not marine creatures, but a terrestrial creature - Hippopotamuses. This knowledge evoked a certain confusion I had about Natural Science making me realize, what people know with confidence is nothing but a tiny bit of a large story known as ‘knowledge’. While the term confidence can be defined as the ability to know for sure, doubt is defined as a feeling of uncertainty and a lack of conviction. This essay focuses on the thesis that as we know more and more about a certain topic, we tend to understand that we become more unsure about it, therefore using reasoning we can say that when a person learns…show more content…
The areas in which we are going to focus on in this essay are natural and human sciences. Natural science relies greatly on observation which creates biases, it creates doubt in our minds and human sciences even though rely on logic and reason sometimes due to restricted knowledge may create biases. The key operation in my essay is to find does increased knowledge of a certain topic increase doubt in one’s mind while limited knowledge allude our confidence? For my investigation, I will use these areas of knowledge stated above. The knowledge question is : To what extent does memory impair logical reasoning to make judgements in the fields of human sciences? How does one know what they know? From the beginning of life, we are given a vast amount of knowledge to filter and explore. One can come to a conclusion at the fact that they learn and know things because of their exposure and exploration of information presented to them throughout their lives. People know what they know something through different ways of knowing. One such way is reason. Reason helps someone draw a conclusion about something through certainty. But can prior memory
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