Conflict Theory In Sociology

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Sociology was derived from the Latin Socius which means friends, and Logos has the meaning of science. The beginning of the definition of sociology was published in a book with the title “Cours De Philosophie Positive" written by Auguste Comte {1798-1857}. In general sociology is better understood as a science that talked about society. According to expert Sociology is one of a number of social sciences (including economics, psychology and human geography) which attempt to explain and understand the behavior of human beings in society. (Haralambos & Holborn, 2008). Sociology did not focus merely on one particular area of social life. Sociologist have studied a vast and diverse range of topics including shopping, popular, music, sexuality, ethnic conflict, poverty, sport,…show more content…
The basic assumption of this theory is that all elements or elements of community of life must be functional so that society as a whole can perform its functions well. However, this theory has its roots in Karl Marx's work in classical sociological theory and was developed by several social thinkers from the later period. Conflict theories is generally focusing on recognizing and analyzing the existence of conflict in social life, which are the causes and the form of the conflict itself, and its consequences in generating social change as well. It can be argued that conflict theory is the most important theory at the moment, because of its emphasis on social reality at the level of social structure rather than on the individual, interpersonal or cultural level. For example the conflict between a Muslim and a Christian in Maluku is suspected not to be a reflection of personal hatred between them, but rather as a reflection of the discrepancy or opposition between their interests as determined by their position within their respective religious

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