Sociology And Society: The Role Of Women In Society

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According to the «Sociology and the Body» chapter in context of social division in society we can not fail to mention a sexual division of labour, being more specific certain activities, for example «mothering» and «working» become gender specific.
But who and based on which criteria can decide whether one activity is for men or for women and why it is so important for each gender to do activities which were dedicated for them.

The origins of social division comes from ancient times. Since then the main purpose of women were procreation. They were seen only as a babysitter, cooker and homemaker, while all kinds of contact with the outside world were men’s responsibility. This, of course, gave the right for men to place women well below themselves on a social status and treat them accordingly. Undoubtedly, centuries later the position of the women in society was changed. For instance in medieval Europe, if the best happened, girls and women got very fragmentary education, besides, it was very controversial in the light of statements by religious authorities. Now, on the contrary, women are not aggrieved in their right to education and are allowed to use all the privileges of secondary and higher education and from my perspective, it is very important rather for giving your kids proper upbringing with right values, than for promotion of the career ladder.

As already mentioned above, the role of women in today 's society has changed and now it is not limited by being a
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