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Domestic Violence is a major social issue facing our society, states, communities, and towns. The biggest population affected is woman. Domestic violence is something that is brushed under the rug per say. Those that suffer from domestic violence and those that inflict domestic violence are hesitant to talk about it. It is a subject that is often avoided. Domestic violence does not discriminate among race, age, or gender. Domestic violence is happening all around us. Domestic violence is one of the most under-reported and under-recorded crimes in our society (Abbot & Williamson, 1999). Domestic violence continues to be considered a major public health issue. Domestic violence laws can be traced as far back as 753B.C. During this time…show more content…
In the 1500’s early settlers in America based their domestic violence laws on old English common-law, which permitted wife beating for correctional purposes. Fast forward to 1824, a decision by Mississippi Supreme Court allowed a husband to administer only moderate chastisement in cases of emergency. Finally in 1871, Alabama became the first state to rescind the legal right for a man to beat his wife. Massachusetts also declared wife beating illegal this same year. By 1975, most U.S. states allowed a wife to bring criminal action against her husband for such beatings. In 1980, the Air Force established an Office of Family matters to deal with domestic violence issues. In the 1990’s came more protection and progress. Police office could arrest on “probable cause in twenty-thee states. The3 history of domestic violence goes back twenty-seven centuries and has evolved into the laws we have today, these laws were put in place to protect victims and get help for their offenders. Bradley,A.(10/3/2007).The beginning of domestic violence. Retrieved from The term domestic violence is now referred to as intimate partner violence. This change came due to many cases of domestic violence happening between boyfriend and girl friend…show more content…
There is at least one staff at the shelter until 11:00 at night and always someone on call. They are able to house up to 18 individuals. When a victim comes there they start out with a service plan where they set goals, work on employment or schooling, they help find a place to live and set up referrals for other services. They will also help the victim with a safety plan and protection orders while also attending court with the victim and talking with law enforcement. They also help the victims get legal aid. They have groups to talk about healthy relationships, boundary setting, and building self esteem. They also have a prevention educator that will go into the schools to talk about healthy relationships and boundaries as well. This Woman’s Aid in Crisis will also set up referrals for the children by sending them and their moms to attend counseling and family therapy. They also help men. This shelter is mostly funded on grants with donations from others. Funding is always a concern for the shelter though. They get a lot of donations, clothes, toys, and hygiene items. They also work closely with the child advocacy

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