Sociology Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture
There have been many nature vs nurture debates throughout years and years. Which one is better, which one is more effective, and which one is most important in social behaviors? Well, my answer is both. I believe human behavior is developed through experiences and biological factors. Every person we meet affects our life in some way and the way our body develops shapes us can determine our future. For examples in the actual perspective of sociological nature, in crimes, addiction, twin studies, and homosexuality.
From a sociological perspective, nature and nurture both impact a person 's behavior and personality. Sociologists have identified that every time human behavior changes everytime socialization takes place. All
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Addiction is not forced onto someone in many cases, it is a choice and willpower on that person. “Addiction ranks among the most heritable of mental illnesses," says Dr. David Goldman, who heads the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. It is more common for alcoholics to have alcoholic parents. Known that alcoholics have a gene which gets disrupted after drinking for a long period of time and can be passed down through genes. Using the drugs Cocaine and Heroin release a chemical in the brain, deteriorating the brain and changing hormones. This chemical will then become attached to the brain and the brain will get the substance releasing addictive hormones. Just once, and the brain and body will feel the need that they need that drug to survive. Although, unlike the drug Marijuana, which does not release an addictive substance to the brain. This drug is more on the will power side. This can be easily influenced by society and peers. Getting an addiction can run through genes but it can also be due to experiences and opportunities. From the article Addiction Is Caused By Genetic And Environmental Factors, they stated, “genes merely load the gun, while the environment pulls the…show more content…
Lastly, is the concept of homosexuality and its connection with nature and nurture. On the side of nature, the article Homosexuality: Nature Or Nurture, talks about how scientists have discovered that in homosexuals their hypothalamus was structured differently, the hypothalamus is the center for sex drives and sexual hormones. They also found that their suprachiasmatic nucleus was 2x bigger, that is responsible in controlling circadian rhythm. As stated from article Homosexuality: Nature Or Nurture, “Sexual desire alone is not strong enough to create homosexuality but that the cultural environment allows or forbids the relationship”. This clarifies that not only does homosexuality depend on a biological basis but also an environment basis. The role in parenting can greatly impact the outcome of homosexuality. Growing up in a gender-role environment can impact the person 's choices. For example, growing up with parents who made the son try out for football and the daughter try out for dance and did not let them try the other. Also, where the child went to school, in a co-ed school or a single sex school. Not only does homosexuality occur in the heart, but it also occurs in the brain. Homosexuality can be debated from both the nature and

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