Sociology Of Leopard Man Essay

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Individuality makes a person unique and different from anyone else. Their personality frees them from any ties they have with society. Both of the short stories, ¨The Pedestrian”by Ray Bradbury” and “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut are about the future, and how technology conforms people to be equal. In the article, “The Sociology of Leopard Man" by Logan Feys is about a tattooed man who doesn’t live anywhere near society. As Fey states “Living in society, we are under constant pressure to surrender our individuality, to the will of the majority, the school, the workplace, the family, etc.” Feys’ argument is accurate because conforming into society all the time can hinder one’s individuality, for this takes away a part of who they are. FIrst of all, society contains pressure when one is trying to let their personality be free, for society is hard in its own ways. Leonard Mead’s purpose of walking late at night has no particular reason besides enjoying nature in which he is abnormal in his society, for Leonard gets in the car and asks, “Where are you taking me?'... 'To the Psychiatric Center for Research on…show more content…
Leopard man lives away from their negative judgement in which Feys says, “Seceding from society as Leopard Man has done would certainly free us from social pressures"(Feys 7). LIving in the wild eliminates societies harsh ways of conforming into their expectations. Away from what can pressure, and stress one is why Leonard chose to leave. Where he can truly be himself. Leopard Man has a unique and rare personality that is very different, for the freedom of society makes him happy, and never having to actually follow what they want. He is like a bird without anyone telling it what to do. Although people don’t want to be lonely like leapord man and live in the wild, it shows that even for a moment of expressing oneself can make one
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