Sociology Of The Environment

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’Discuss the Sociology of the environment in terms of Globalisation, consumptions and sustainability.’’

This essay aims to highlight the main impacts globalisation, consumption and sustainability have on society and on our environment. It explores the different ways in which society reacts to these influences.

Sociology of the environment has developed from society’s growing concern of environmental issues. It looks at how we as humans relate to the natural world and how members of society perceive environmental problems. It also looks at how we, as nearly visitors, treat our surroundings and how they, without words, respond to us. Many environmental conditions that exist today have already been morphed by human action. Much like
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These experiences can be as simple and unnoticed as watching a Live stream Ireland versus Japan rugby match in the comfort of our own home. This sort of example, according to Giddens, displays how globalisation is becoming more and more embedded in the population’s everyday lives. According to many modern day scholars, globalisation aims to allow societies reach some common economic, social and cultural environment, achieving universal goals and agreements. As for many social scientists, they believe globalisation to be the most powerful development in society and that it will shape all of our futures. (Giddens, W. Sutton 2013) This, making the process of globalisation hugely influential as it affects everybody somehow throughout the…show more content…
Sustainable development, by definition, is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As for sustainability in terms of sociology of the environment I will continue the pattern of definitions, to explain what many believe as the goal. An environmentally sustainable society is one that ensures the health and vitality of human life and culture for present and future generations. This society acts to stop the activities that serve to destroy human life and culture and to encourage those activities that serve to conserve what exists, restore what has been damaged and prevent any future harm. (S. Viederman, New York) The more society learns to sustain, the better. The basic needs of its members will be satisfied without depleting resources now and therefore degrading them for others later. This will encourage sustainable communities within societies, meaning the people want to live and in that specific environment now and also in the future. Benefitting not only society as a whole but the economy too by creating long term jobs for many. These members of the community are sensitive and caring to their environment brining out the best in it. These members will also work together towards a high quality
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