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Sociology Research Project Rough Draft

Sociology is a discipline that studies the development, structure, and functions of societies. This discipline can be viewed as interdisciplinary because of the expansiveness in this field. Sociology began around the 19th century. Enlightenment thought was one of the first starting factors. People wanted more clarity and understanding of society. Although there are tracks of society thinking by the Greeks, the actual discipline was not founded until the 19th century. Institutionalization of sociology as a discipline began when Emile Durkheim founded the first sociology department in 1895 at the University of Bordeaux. (Wikipedia, "Foundation of the academic discipline.") Repko explains that "Sociology views the world as a social reality that includes the range and nature of the relationships that exist between people in any given society" (Repko, 131.) Sociologists are concerned and interested in social structure. For example, family structure, kinships, ethnics/race and how all these factors are different in each culture. They also study how different cultures affect the society.

Sociology is usually viewed as a single discipline. Although, Sociology could be viewed as interdisciplinary because sociology is such a broad field. There are many ways sociology could be interfused with another discipline. For example, a degree in sociology could be useful in international relations. International relations are concerned with

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