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Manifesto Outline Introduction: Human societies are characterized by patterns of relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and environment (need to paraphrase definition). Different phenomenon contribute to the creation of relations between people in an environment. Appropriation is one of these. There are a variety of ways in which the built environment can encourage appropriation; leftover spaces (lo.s.) is one example. In Lo.s. people influence the environment via appropriation and the act of the appropriation itself influences and create relations between the people. In this essay our statement ‘In the large majority of social housing schemes which otherwise offer no means of appropriation,…show more content…
In the first part of the essay there will be general information provided about the term leftover space.The first paragraph is defining the meaning of leftover space followed by the discussing the different type of scales within leftover space in the second paragraph. Within the third paragraph a definition of appropriation is given related to leftover spaces. In the second part of this essay the term leftover space is going to be discussed within two different type of scales; Urban and Architectural scale. Within the urban scale it will be discussed how leftover spaces are created due to management issues with case studies on flyovers in Kuala Lumpur and vegetable gardens in Berlin. On architectural scale there will be given a description on leftover space constructed due to design of the non-design architecture. This description is going to contain ideology formed by Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger and will be discussed with one of his works the LiMa Social Housing in Berlin. At last both scales are going to be summarized in the last part of this essay followed by a

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