Sociology: The Sociological Concept Of Culture

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Sociological Concept of Culture
In general, Sociology is a scientific study that involves the human social behaviour which is shaped by the society, whereby it is a system of interrelations which connects individuals together to create a unique culture (Denny and Earle, 2009). Therefore, without culture and society, a closed connection between these notions could not be formed, due to the absence of structured social relationships (Sewell Jr, 2005).
According to Macionis and Plummer (2012), sociology is the combination of Greek and Latin that was defined as the study of society, who were developed by the French philosopher who is also known as the founder of sociology, Auguste Comte (1798-1857). With the curiosity about the human world, Comte wanted to change the society to build a better future. For that reason, he divided into two parts of the discipline; ‘social statics’ is defined as how the society is held together, and ‘social dynamics’ is defined as how the society changes (Denny and Earle, 2009).
However, another French sociologist, Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) was influenced by Comte, established the theoretical approach known as functionalism (Denny and Earle, 2005). This theory that promotes societal equilibrium whereby it helps to build a solidarity and stability in the society (Macionis and Plummer, 2012). Therefore, this perspective is guided by the social structure in a person’s behavioural pattern which in turn also shapes the family structure (Macionis and
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