Sociology: The Sociological Pursuit To Happiness

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The Sociological Pursuit to Happiness How one depicts an “ideal society,” vs true reality is generally influenced by social factors. What is sociology and why are there so many different aspects? Some key points in the development and purpose of sociology are explained and studied through key components, research, theory, and people. A group’s character of ideas, thoughts, and behaviors are identified through influences of life. These ideas then create behaviors that influence and form a society. People influence each other through social relationships, which consequently play a role in ethics and validity. Sociology studies, social cultures in ways which affect or add value to a group which in turn affects quality of life. “Utopia,” is an ideal society which has no problems, today our world operates with injustice and differences which cause a “dystopia,” kind of society. Sociology involves different aspects concerns and values of a group which make up some of the key components in the field of sociology. The concepts of an ideal society often represent how people should live. Ideally the good of society embeds things people favor to be important. However real society is based upon valid experiences. People base their needs on the model of “Maslow’s Hierarchy,” which results in fulfillment, although not everyone acquires them. Therefore, reality is based on a society that is immoral, unsatisfactory, and of sinful nature. The way one should live relates to well-being and
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